long long way to go...

skyscraper from Jane Addams Park

navy pier park (chicago)

across america on california zephyr

omaha church

pullman coach

denver downtown

good bye to denver

coach in sacramento railroad museum

driving the last spike (26.7.2008)

track in golden spike territory

the first transcontinental railroad is finished

ladies and gentlemen, this is the last spike - golden spike

railroad to promontory

folsom prison

san francisco bay bridge

buildings in san francisco

san francisco streets

church in san francisco

golden gate bridge (california)


san francisco downtown

dodge cars

way to the folsom prison


wheels of locomotive

railroad surveying

central pacific railroad station in sacramento

central pacific railroad station in sacramento

temple garden

union station in salt lake city

salt lake city capitol

on the road from denver

colorado sunset

colorado riverbed

rocky mountains

old post office in georgetown

hamill house in georgetown

devil's gate and georgetown loop railroad

bitter creek in georgetown

denver downtown

union station in denver

old schoolroom in omaha

old house in omaha

interior of pullman coach

omaha downtown

brigde over mississippi

chicago downtown

green mood


chicago downtown

the art institute of chicago (garden)

chicago from the lake michigen

welcome to the united states of america


If you're interested in the visual history of the many cities across the United States of America, and you're curious about the phenomenon that was the transcontinental railroad, then look no further. Here is an entire page full of photos of the many cities connected to the railroad and its history, alongside some wonderful photographs of the Pullman coach. If you are interested in making a similar journey, this should whet your appetite.

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no other improvement can equal in utility the transcontinental railroad, abraham lincoln, march 9, 1832